Monday, March 23, 2009


Fox on the box

We had the rare and special experience of seeing Coventry City FC on the idiot box a few weeks back, courtesy of their having drawn Chelsea in the quarter final of the F.A. Cup.

Sadly, cup glory will have to wait at least another year, as Chelsea romped to a 2-0 win that might as well have been eight. At least Cov's stadium looked halfway decent on the telly as they'd managed to sell out every seat in the house for once.


ITV COMMENTATOR: Oh, and -- er, what's going on here?

I opined that not knowing what was going on was pretty much in conflict with the duties of being a commentator, a commentator being employed to enlighten the masses, rather than confuse them further with his ignorance.

Joe went one further, declaring that there was no need for commentators, full stop. He than modified his position by conceding that they were fairly useful for the radio coverage.


Also, the pundits that the Beeb trot out for us: Darren Anderton got a cameo role on the Football Focus sofa recently and proceeded to justify whatever appearance fee he was getting by sitting there with his mouth firmly shut for most of the hour-long show. When asked to deliver any kind of analysis/opinion, he stammered bashfully and wouldn't look any of the other pundits in the face. Well worth the licence fee.

Last week, Dan, Joe and Tel watching Match of the Day; Alan Pardew in the studio waxing lyrical on Michael Essien's hussle in the Chelsea midfield.

AP: Essien's raped him there.

We look disbelievingly at one another. Is this really the BBC?

TEL: Did he just say--

JOE: Yep!

High fives all round- finally, a pundit worth listening to.

Pardew apologises for rape remark


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