Saturday, January 17, 2009


The old grey mare just ain't what she used to be

The new year sumo tourny is on and I'm aghast at the way things are going.

Just to recap: at the end of last year, Ama secured his promotion to Ozeki (sumo's second highest rank) and, to celebrate, his stable master gave him a new name, Harumafuji.

"An Ozeki should be challenging for tournament honours." said Harumafuji (née Ama.)

And he's blasted off to a less-than-flying start to the first tourny of 2009, losing his first four matches straight.

On day five, he changed from his new grey loincloth to the black one he used to wear in the good old Ama days and managed to eke out a win; he lost again today, though. At 1-5, he has no chance of winning the tournament and even the majority eight wins are looking a pretty tall order.

Guh-- if it ain't broke... never mind.


Fortunately, Asashoryu is back! Sidelined for much of the last six months, he's back and kicking butt with a spotless 6-0 record (this despite worries about his elbow, numerous calls for his retirement and death threats posted on internet message boards.) At least there's one Mongolian I can cheer for.


The Osaka-basho is going to be all about Harumafuji fighting for his parking place.

If he gets demoted will his stablemaster change his name back to Ama?

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