Friday, January 09, 2009


The darnedest thing

I was checking out my sadly-depleted head of hair in the mirror yesterday, when something caught my eye: a lone frizzy strand jutting out above my right ear. I gave it a twiddle; the feel was unmistakeable.

"Joe, I've got a pube growing out of my head."

Joe gave me an old-fashioned look.

"I'm serious, check it out."

Joe stood up and inspected the offending hair.

"I think it's just a very curly hair, Dan."

"It's not- it's a pube. It even feels like one."

Joe, looking suitably dubious, put this to the test, whereupon there was a sharp "pop!" noise and he sprang back.

"Ow, it gave me an electric shock."

"Oh, great: so there's a magical electrical lightning pube sprouting out of my head. It could be time to lay off that caffeine shampoo."

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