Thursday, December 04, 2008


Small victories

Went off to a pub quiz last night with Joe, Tel and Lewis in tow. We were going to join forces with the dad, but, as he had a bunch of mates already with him, this would have meant a stupidly large team. We set ourselves up in opposition, in spite of his threats and blandishments.

In honour of the dad, I chose our team name.

"Fin's round?" queried the quizmaster.

"No, Fin's round," I insisted.

On to the first half of the quiz and we were an absolute nightmare, scoring zero for the sports round (oh, the shame.) The dad loved that one.

"Showing your inexperience, lads," he chortled as I screwed up which British PM was nicknamed "the Grocer."

I gnashed my teeth.

We got to the last round, which coincided with last orders at the bar. We took our paper up to the bar with us, so we could fill out answers and order booze at the same time. First question, for four points: name all four members of the Fantastic Four. Easy: Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm.

The quizmaster made it easier still by announcing that all that was required was their superhero names. I shook my head.

Over came Tel.

"I think your dad's team may struggle with this one: I just heard them putting down Wolverine."

We all had a good snigger at this, although it later transpired that they'd had Mr Incredible down on the sheet at one point.

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