Saturday, December 13, 2008


Peace and goodwill to *all* mankind

The mum is participating in Amnesty International's thing about sending Christmas cards to people in Guantanamo Bay.

Very worthy: unfortunately, Amnesty has sent her a list of three people to send to and she is a card short, she sighs.

I cannot imagine the festive season being vastly improved for an inmate by a non-religious card from the mum, given the whole incarceration business and whatnot, but I offer her my last card.

"Would you like to write it?" she offers.

"Sure," I say, "what's the enemy of freedom's name?"

She says something that sounds like "Bin Yam-Yam" but I'm sure there's a "Mohamad" in there somewhere as well. Suddenly, it seems like hard work.

"He's your suicide bomber", I sigh, tossing her my last card. "You write the bloody thing."


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