Monday, December 29, 2008


Katelyn- you've redeemed yourself

Note to all those of you who like to flaunt your individuality: time and a place.

My sister, Kate, had a bit of a run of poor form over festive seasons by choosing for me presents which expressed her individuality, rather than conforming to any kind of reasonable expectation of criteria for being something I might actually want.

The nadir of this sequence was when, standing there with some kind of ethnic bottle-top rattle in my hand and Kate to one side with a hopeful "does-he-like-it?" expression on her face, I was unable to come up with anything more diplomatic than:

"Katelyn, you've ruined Christmas."

Years went by and the situation improved, although I was a little worried about this year's gift as Kate had broken a fine streak of form in recent years by getting me an Indiana Jones-themed Mr Potato HeadTM for my 30th birthday.

Mr Potato Head- well worth flying back to the UK for

As it turned out, I got a lovely Dandy mug-and-keyring set and a set of toiletries. Joe got toiletries likewise.

"Well done for getting Dan some too- now he can keep his filthy, thieving hands off mine."

I was about to protest the injustice of this when Kate beat me to it:

"Actually, Joe, I got both of you toiletries so you could keep your filthy, thieving hands off his."

Joe was outraged:

"What?! I'm outraged."

My Christmas was complete.

NOTE: At time of posting, Joe is wearing my Christmas boxer shorts, despite having been given a pack of five pairs of boxers of his own.


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