Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ama earns a parking space

Despite my comparative lack of proximity, I've still been able to keep tabs on the Kyushu basho via the spotty video stream on the Sumo association homepage.

After managing 30 wins over the last three tournaments, I was livid when Ama wasn't bunked up to Ozeki (champion) rank following the autumn tournament. Furthermore, the sumo council asked him to return a tournament record of 11-4 to make the jump up after this tourny.

Starting unspectacularly, Ama went 2-2 over the first four days. However, a run of ten straight wins, including forcing down grand champion Hakuho, has brought Ama to 12-2, the Ozeki promotion is a lock and, goodness me, he could even win the tournament: if he wins tomorrow, he's guaranteed at least a play-off with Hakuho for the title.

I'll be up early, parked in front of my computer and hoping that the web streaming doo-whiz doesn't have one of its moments. Go Ama!


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