Tuesday, October 14, 2008



I put myself online today and printed out some newspaper articles to brush up my Japanese with. I went for the topic of sumo, more in hope than expectation.


taima: cannabis

shoji: possession

yaochou: match-rigging

soshou: court case

To join the above dots, disgraced former wrestler Wakanoho is shooting his mouth off about how problems in the sport extend beyond recreational drug use. Wrestlers whose names are mentioned in the articles I printed out are ozeki Koto-oshu, Chiyotaikai and Kaio, and juryo Kasuganishiki.

Dan's view

Koto-oshu: guilty as hell, for no other reason than that I simply don't like him.

Chiyotaikai: guilty as hell, for no other reason than that he reminds me of that guy who always plays the gangster in Hong Kong movies.

Eric TsangChiyotaik- oh, hang on...

Kaio: one of my favourite wrestlers, hence the fact that it pains me to say: guilty as hell. Earlier in the year, he made no effort to win the last bout of the summer tournament against Kotomitsuki, another ozeki, for whom defeat would have brought rank demotion. A favour in the bank? I think so.


Kasuganishiki: don't particularly give a toss.

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