Tuesday, October 21, 2008


El Tel

One major plus in my quest to avoid a big Japan hangover is being able to meet up with friends I made in Osaka back in the homeland: I've been in constant touch with Sam from Hirakata, who now works for a recruitment agency in London. Show me the money!

Better still, Real Osaka's very own Leon Townsend-Cartwright is living about two minutes walk from my front door (40 seconds if I go out the back.) He's even met my mum:

"He seemed like a nice lad. What was his name again..? Giles..?"

I give her a piece of my mind for always forgetting people's names, then tell her, once and for all, that his name is Terry.


The very next time Leon comes round the house

LEON: Alright Joe, how's it going?

JOE: Alright Tel.

And Tel he has since remained.

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