Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Nagoya basho! (overdue)

Couple of videos here from my trip to the Nagoya sumo basho.

#1: David vs Goliath
The kind of mismatch in size one often sees early in the day at the sumo.

#2: Takamisakari..!
..gets his head kicked in.


The Nagoya basho was pretty much finished as a contest by the end of week one: Hakuho had a perfect record, Asashoryu had gone home with an elbow injury and nobody else looked consistent enough to make a challenge.

Ama, having made it to 5-0, limped to a double-figures victory tally over the course of the second week. Kotomitsuki was popular with the local fans and did pretty well but never got really close to winning, Hakuho finishing unblemished on 15-0.


-I hate Koto-oshu; he always makes his opponents wait an eternity at the start of the bout and his wrestling is about as interesting as watching yoghurt ferment.

-Was Asa saving himself for the Mongolia tour?

-Ama should have got more than ten wins after his flying start. If he wants to be an ozeki he needs to kick more arse.

-The Osaka basho knocks spots off Nagoya in terms of customer service. Nagoya's still a cool town though.


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