Thursday, August 07, 2008


Hot in the city

The barbecue was a true success- I rocked up on the back of three hours of sleep, hit the sauce pretty hard and engaged in all manner of shenanigans. The following morning brought me plenty in the way of recollection but little in the way of guilt and, with a light work schedule (not to mention extensive bruising to my body), I went out for lunch and fun with the VMM.

Fellow goon confessed to having an outbox full of shame on his keitai, a relic of the previous night's tomfoolery. When I asked him how shameful it was, he said he couldn't tell me because he was too ashamed to check what he'd actually sent in his drunken folly. The reason he knew he had an outbox full of shame was the e-mail he had sitting in his inbox from Random Bird, saying "What- now?!"

After a hearty Mexican feast, we went around the game centres of Minami in search of an air hockey table to sweat some of the debauchery out.

What we found was Super Dodge Ball.

This was great fun. The Japanese title is Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu ("Hotblood High School Dodgeball club.") After besting the rival high school (VMM High), I went on to represent Japan against England.

Sadly, the prancing limeys wiped the floor with me and, with our date with an air hockey table still pending, we left the dodge ball at that. I would heartily recommend this game to anyone with an NES though.

(Here's a shot from a later level: Japan vs Iceland. Maybe next time.)

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You might have bested me in Dodgeball but I totally sunged you in air-hockey.

That Dodgeball game is quite possibly the greatest arcade game ever though. Seriously.

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