Saturday, August 23, 2008


Four more years-- oh, never mind

A sleeping Giant woke up in time to roll over and squash Japan's hopes for a gold medal in baseball.

Lee Seung Yeop, a familiar face in his fifth season in Nippon Pro Baseball, blasted South Korea into the final with an eighth-inning two-run home run that completed a comeback for a 6-2 victory in Friday's semifinal at Wukesong Field.

The shot, which came off Chunichi closer Hitoki Iwase, broke a 2-2 tie and helped South Korea turn around an early 2-0 deficit.

The bloody Yomiuri


Nice that the Yomiuri was able to find a silver lining in the fact that it was a player from their franchise that did the dirty deed. Overall, a pretty good example of how not to write a newspaper article, I'd say, capped off with the superfluous "c" in front of "loser" for Iwase.

I was rooting for the Koreans in any case: they beat Japan twice during the World (sic) Baseball Classic and the Japanese still ended up winning the tournament overall. After Korea beat Japan in the qualifying group on Saturday, I had a nasty feeling that history was going to repeat itself. My pessimism intensified when Japan beat the US to the softball gold (this despite having lost to the States in the semi final- figure that qualifying system out.)

Another reason to cheer for the dog eaters was that the student I was watching the minute-by-minute on Yahoo with hails from those shores and had "entertainment visa" written all over her. I was meant to be teaching directions, for the record.


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