Monday, August 25, 2008


The fall of a sparrow

As I am going out to play football, I consider the full shower a bit redundant. I am, however, aware that I have developed a fair pong over the course of the previous evening. Time being of the essence, I content myself with a quick trucker's wash in my bathroom sink.

Choices: Gillette shower gel or lucky four-leafed clover soap. I feel like I could use a bit of luck, so I go for the soap (it has a big, fake, four-leafed clover inside.)

I work up a good lather under the arms; the lucky soap squirts out of my grasp and falls, as luck would have it, directly into my lavatory.

I peer into the bowl, then, reluctantly, pull the "flush" lever.


Even for a bad omen, I thought this was particularly inauspicious.


You drop the soap.

I think that sums up your existence.

Yeah, well- wet soap is pretty slippery, as you are no doubt aware.

Won't happen again.

I don't have another bar of soap.

Get familiar, son.

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