Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Dropping knowledge

The term "to drop knowledge" is one I have from the VMM: when someone tells you something new and worth knowing, knowledge has been dropped.

Toshi Miyoshi (former NTT representative, aspiring musician and long-term gout sufferer) dropped some knowledge on me last night:

"Tokyo.. argh... Tokyo ramen (noodles) is much, much saltier than Osaka ramen.... argh... because in Tokyo a long time ago, there were many daiku..."

(At this point, he mimed a vigorous fisting motion.)

"You know daiku-san, right? Ahh... they many, many sweat, so Tokyo ramen is really salty... daiku needs the salt..."

Fortunately, readers, daiku is not a katakana slang term for a lesbian: it's an original Japanese term meaning "carpenter." Thus was knowledge dropped, and from someone whom I had long considered to be a pretty unlikely source.



TRICKY: u r playing in the game on july 12 aren't u?

DAN: well, I wasn't planning on celebrating Orange Day at any rate

It turned out that Holmes didn't actually know what Orange Day was, so I enlightened him: it's the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne, traditionally celebrated by Protestants by marching around the place in orange sashes with a free escort from Her Majesty's police.

I expressed my hope that we'd be wearing our traditional black shirts rather than our new orange ones. Tricky told me that not only would we be wearing our orange shirts, but we'd be marching around the pitch playing the flute for a warm up.


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