Thursday, July 31, 2008


Contingency plans

It happened in karaoke. Someone was giving "Wonderwall" a whirl when a comrade's visiting sister started blubbing hot, wet tears all into her boyfriend's t shirt. Apparently, the song had been played at her friend's funeral, which prompted me to ask if he'd died of solvent abuse. Alcohol flowed, songs were sung; I woke up the following afternoon as handsome as ever.

A few years ago, I gave Lewis a cassette of contenders for my funeral song. Rather than just choose one, I listed a number of potential death scenarios and the corresponding song to be played. The most obscene / shocking song out of the lot was reserved for the contingency that I predecease my grandfather.

Last word on the subject- songs not to be played at my funeral:

Wonderwall by Oasis, Orinoco flow by Enya.

Daniel by Elton John.

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Hotel California by the Eagles.
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