Monday, May 19, 2008


A slow learner, evidently

It's been a while since I posted anything from the Sofia News Agency, but this was just too bizarre to pass up:


Former Mayor of Bulgaria's Pazardzhik Shoots Himself by Mistake

18 May 2008, Sunday

The former mayor of Bulgaria's town of Pazardzhik Ivan Evstatiev, who shot himself Sunday morning, committed the tragic act by mistake, police reported.

The incident took place in the house of the victim's father-in-law in Semchinovo village.

Evstatiev has been rushed to a nearby hospital, where he is still undergoing a surgery for removing three bullets from his head and chest.

His life is still in danger, doctors said.

According to police reports, the pistol Evstatiev injured himself with is legally possessed by his wife's father.

The investigation on the case continues.


As a comment on the site observed: you'd think he'd put the pistol down after he shot himself the first time.


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