Monday, April 21, 2008


Saw it coming...

Although Prescott tried to hide the illness from his wife, Pauline, she realised what was going on. "The signs in the toilet gave it away, and all the missing food."
'I took refuge in stuffing my face ...'
John Prescott admits bulimia

The Grauniad, April 21st, 2008


Quite the revelation. The title of this post is a pork pie, by the way: wouldn't have called Two Jags as a bulimic in a million years.

Health experts have praised Prescott's bravery in coming forward, although comment on the internet has been tended to be less than kind.

Personally, I didn't think much to Prescott in office, but I don't agree with those who are questioning the authenticity of his eating disorder.


Ah, some background for those amongst the readership who aren't au fait with the wonderful thing that is British politics...

John Prescott was, until Tory Blair's resignation, the Deputy Prime Minister of our sceptred Isle. During his stint at the helm of the newly-created Ministry For Telling People What's Good For Them (ok- Environment and Transport) he became rather infamous for the apparent disparity between What's Good For Them (less traffic on the roads, revamped public transport) and What's Good For Him (a brace of Jaguars, hence the above alias.)

Other controversies that cropped up during his government career include The Usual (yes, I think you all know what I'm talking about) and an incident when he punched a farmer in the face for throwing an egg at him. In fact, this latter was probably the most popular thing Prescott did as a government minister, his resignation being a close second.

To the best of my knowledge, Prescott has not been replaced as Deputy Prime Minister. His successor as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party is the very lovely and wonderful Harriet Harman who, despite being a very vocal supporter of state-run comprehensive schools, didn't send either of her kids to one. Nice touch of continuity, that.


Prescott on seeing a specialist:
"I turned up and found his waiting room full of young women. I was the only man there. I felt a right twerp. Luckily none of them shopped me to the press."


Oh for goodness sake, that was 12 years ago.


Didn't see that coming either.

I hope Michael Howard doesn't read my blog- I've been pretty vile about him too...
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