Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Painting the east red

Edwin has called in for the Japan leg of his world tour and it's continual mayhem: the two of us plus Brett and Mike O spent the last portion of Sunday night/ Monday morning camped out in a weird tortured-metal bombed-cathedral looking structure in the middle of one of Osaka's busiest junctions, surrounded by turbines, playing old classics on the guitar and making up some new classics while we were at it.

There's been football as well, and here we see Dan reinventing himself as the dreaded v3.0 gets closer to hitting the shelves.

We played with Baggina last Saturday and the oppo had a pretty good central midfielder (no 21) who was into the physical side of the game: lots of shirt-pulling, lots of off the ball body-checking. Most of us were getting fairly fed up with the myopic-verging-on-racial-discrimination refereeing (a fixture in Baggina games) so I unleashed the all-new Dan The Midfield Enforcer.

Number 21 passes the ball, Dan, arriving half a second late, swipes his legs out and dumps him on the hard, dusty gravel that passes for a playing surface in these parts.

The referee, true to form, was looking in entirely the wrong direction at the time, as he was a few minutes later when I gave our would-be Stevie G a pretty solid body check to the chest, narrowly missing out on the bonus points required for a knee in the family jewels.

Having sated my bloodlust, I went back to Dan v2.9: mild-mannered goal scorer. Number 21, for his part, gave up on bashing me. Probably a wise move in the circumstances: the east is red with gaijin anger.

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