Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Brethren blunders

"OK, everything's in the bags. Let's get cracking. Hold on- where have my keys gone?"

Joe heaves an almighty sigh, drops his stuff and helps me wreck up my room for the subsequent several minutes. We confirm that the key is not on my bed, then proceed to throw everything in the room onto the bed, hoping to unearth stray keys this way. No dice.

More sighing. Ne'er a key to be found however, and the boat unlikely to wait for us at the dock. I suggest we just go to Kyushu and leave my bedroom door unlocked for the weekend. Joe is not a fan of this but the circumstances offer no alternative. He pockets his passport for safekeeping and off we go.

When we arrive at the ferry terminal, Joe has a moment of clarity and fishes my keys out of his pocket. Visions of a burglar cautiously opening my bedroom door, peeking in and, mistakenly concluding that someone has already ransacked the place, departing without nicking anything stay my wrath.

Sigh. Kyushu was good.


here's an idea: why don't you keep your key in one location near the door? perhaps with a plastic clip, or something. it might work! ;)

i'm glad you made it to kyushu!
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