Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A little treat for my Catalan readership

For those of you to whom the above video is unclear, KKK Madrid, Spain's equivalent of Chelsea, have a goal disallowed for offside in the build up. Even worse is to follow as, whilst they're prancing around by the corner flag, dividing their exorbitant salaries by 90 in their heads and wondering how much cocaine and how many cabin attendants they're going to be able to get hold of this evening, the opposition take the free kick for said offside, run the ball up the pitch and score.

The beautiful game has never been so beautiful.


Don't you have a Real Madrid shirt that you were on regular occasions? Shame on you crazy diamond....ajt
It was 3 bob from Help the aged, ya ball juggler. 1980s Emilio Butragueno model. If he ever played for Madrid, which I'm guessing he probably did.

Much better than Tricky's Raul Madrid shirt, and how much do you reckon that set him back?

Anyway, I don't have to listen to any shit from a man who rocks a Milan shirt. Shame on you, you diamond-smuggling match foxer.
Well, if it's cheap and old that makes everything alright doesn't it? I am sensing a parallel.

Milan match fixing or Raul being the top goalscorer in the champions league: which is the sadder indictment of the modern game? Sounding like my Dad now, he may be old but he ain't....
Getafe 1 - Bayern Munich 1 (in Munich)

That`s a fun highlight to watch on youtube.

This goal was far and away my favorite goal of the year back when I saw it earlier.
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