Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I ain't giving owt up for Lent, mind

Having finally dined on good, old-fashioned turkey over xmas, I wasn't about to let Shrove Tuesday slip through my fingers. On my way from work to Japanese class, I called in the Kintetsu department store and laid in flour, lemon juice and sugar. Milk and eggs were already waiting in the fridge back in the gaff. I even got some fat on goodwill from the butcher.

Got home later than intended, but sometimes time's not the issue. Whipped up pretty much the most disgracefully lumpy batter of all time and went to work. Pancake after pancake went in the pan, got flipped, was tempered with lemon, frosted with sugar and served up to a ravenous clientele of Dan.

It has to be the fattest fat Tuesday on record: the only thing I'm giving up for Lent is regularity of bowel movements.


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