Saturday, January 05, 2008


Friday night, Saturday morning

Sardine-packed into Triangle to see DJ Marky last night: birthday celebration for Tricky who kindly ponied up the cash for me to get in.

What a chum, I thought: least I can do in return is try to get him an honourable mention.

So, crushed down the front of the club, I did my bit. There was no way of making myself audible above the D & B, so I typed out the necessary on my phone and held it up for the MC to read. He read it and sniggered a bit.

And, god bless him, he did the deed.

"Shout going out to Tricky: 31 years old and as ugly as sin, apparently..."

Sadly, Tricky was hiding in the stairwell having a D & M about the nature of true love with someone else's ex. It's the thought that counts.

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