Saturday, January 05, 2008


Anti-social gaijin, shamelessly using the Shinsaibashi Apple store as an internet cafe

For those of you who, after the brilliance of my recent posts, found the last one a bit of a let-down and are consequently unsure as to whether or not to read this one, the title pretty much covers it.

For the rest of you (this may particularly be of interest to out-of-pocket former NOVA employees in the Minami area): all of the display computers in the Apple store are hooked up to the net. So, I've been in here pretty much every day since school closed for the New Year break.

Not without its drawbacks: no coffee or chairs. Plus Morita Toshiko-san (former AVON student working at Apple store) is probably beginning to think that she has acquired a stalker, or- worse still- A Prospect. Score one for imeeji chenji (image change): blondes really do have more fun.

Other than that, I'm getting royally hacked off with the repetitive playlist in this joint. Might have to bring my iPod with me tomorrow.


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