Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Update on all things Dan

Hi everyone, been a bit busy recently. Here's the lowdown.

Saturday: I was Santa at Nico's kindergarten for thirty pieces of silver.

Here's the snap.

Sunday: I had another tilt at the Nihongo nouryoku shiken (Japanese language proficiency test.) This time I was going for level 2 certification (criteria here). It was definitely a passable exam, but whether I covered myself in glory or heaped infamy upon the name of McKeown will not be known until early February when the dullards finally get round to sending out the marks. Only saw one yellow card in the exam this time: Chinese chick in front of me was a little over-eager to get started. Bit disappointing: Brett and I were having a bet on how many cards were going to get dished out and I'd plumped for three yellow, one red.

Monday: first day at new job. I am now an ALT in Neyagawa city, which is pretty close to where I was working before. I am going to be splitting my time between three schools (two elementary, one JHS.)

Today: first day hungover at new job.

I guess the leopard can't change his sheets.


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