Sunday, November 18, 2007


Taking the rusk, part II

Note: this post is dedicated to Andrew "Rosenthal" Talbot, formerly of Real Osaka, whose kind heart, filthy mouth and villainous antics made me laugh through good times and bad. Wish you could have been here to laugh at Gamble with us, Mince.


Had a nice little diversion yesterday: playing for Murphys in a 7-a-side football tournament in Kobe, hosted by KRAC (Kobe Regatta and Athletics Club.) Our list of players for the tourny looked pretty decent, so I was hopeful of a bit of silverware.

The day started well: emphatic victories over our first bunch two opponents and I got a couple of goals. One in particular, a completely mishit lob, which the keeper misread and ducked under, left me with the impression that it was going to be my lucky day.

Roll on the crunch match against the Osaka Jets.

Key points in the build-up to the match:

1. Murphys are not my first team: my first team is Real Osaka. I play for Murphys when I get the chance though.

2. Likewise Mark Bailey, Real Osaka full back, was wearing the green of Murphys and doing a damn fine job.

3. Gamble, on the other hand, our erstwhile teammate, had thrown his lot in with the Jets and their fruity pink kit.

Key moments in the match:

1. Gamble, playing in goal for the Jets, fields a cross, rolls the ball out in front of him, and pegs it out of his penalty area (Mince, you can probably see how this is going to end up already). Having made a lot of ground he plays the ball up the line to his right winger. Dan intercepts the ball and, from the touchline, employs the old hit-and-hope with his trusty left peg. Ball sails over the stranded Gamble, curling gently in the crisp November air, and sneaks inside the post. 1-0 Murphys, Dan contemplating another "taking the piss" award; Gamble contemplating another "thanks for coming" award.

2. Ball comes into the Jets area, Gamble stranded again, Yutaka fires home. 2-0 Murphys. Pink kit does look nice, though.

3. Final whistle.

This result secured the trophy for Murphys and my goal got me the MVP award, although, when the MC was reading out the names of the MVPs from each team, mine was given as "Dan the twat." Still, a free pint and something to hold over Gamble's head for a while.


Readers beware: Real Osaka web page coming soon!

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