Monday, November 26, 2007


Smelling pistakes: another happy memory of childhood

Sally McKeown (aka my mum), casts an eye over the profane graffiti on the bedroom wall, then turns to face the two potential culprits: Daniel and Katelyn, both very young indeed.

MUM: Daniel, how do you spell "bugger?"

ME: (Slowly, but accurately) Er, B-U-G-G-E-R

MUM: Ok. Katelyn, how do you spell "bugger?"

KATE: (looking panicky) B-U-G-E-R?

Mum has another look at the scrawl on the wall. It reads:


MUM: Katelyn, clean this wall.


Whilst my sister Katelyn and I are very much alike in most respects, there are a couple of key differences between us.

Firstly, she always had more problems with authority than I did.

Secondly, I'm better at spelling.

And thus justice was served.

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