Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Nocturnal symptoms

Dream tomfoolery and possible interpretations: last night, I dreamed I was in a passenger jet being piloted by the unlikely combination of Melinda Messenger and Gary Barlow.

Unlikely, not to mention inauspicious.

Melinda Messenger, as one might expect, proved to be absolutely duff at the piloting game, losing control and sending the jet into a nasty tailspin. Fortunately, Gary Barlow proved to be a dab hand at the emergency landing. The plane was a write-off, but the passengers were unscathed.

Potential interpretations of this dream:

1. Dan has some pretty retrograde views about women in charge of machinery buried in his subconscious

2. Dan's sanity is now officially at melting point

3. Gary really was the talented one out of Take That


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