Monday, October 15, 2007


The 1800s

Has your luck run out?

Do the wolves rummage through your bins as you shiver in a lonely apartment? Does your school not even have enough brass to purchase replacement lightbulbs? Do you try to sing the blues and play the harmonica at the same time and end up producing doleful squawking noises. Has your 2-kyuu preparation been put in the incapable hands of Darwin-sensei, the man who's dying to speak English, even though he's about 600 points away from being a Zone C?

Are words like "day" and "night" nothing more than words to you now?

If the answer is yes, thee be in the 1800s, the darkest days of the empire, and I'll shuffle up to make a bit of room for you.

"Distracting Boss" from Big Train, 1/3
(think 19th October)

"Crossroads" by Tracy Chapman

Takamura Mamoru vs Bear, from Hajime No Ippo

"Distracting Boss" from Big Train, 2/3
(think 15th November)

Classic Dennis Bergkamp goal

How to go to the toilet (Japanese)

"Distracting Boss" from Big Train, 3/3
(think Christmas Eve)


that limey comedy sh*t was funny, very big brother but tracey chapman, man...tracy chapman? DUDE.
Don't talk like you're not at the crossroads bitch.
Mince, after catching up with your delightfully depressing blog after a few weeks, I have come to the conclusion it would be impossible to love you more: more importantly as NOVA goes NOVA (see what I'm doing there? I scare myself sometimes) what are your plans nigga (you miss that yeah?)

Really hope all works out mate,

Mince 2
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