Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The World Championships In Athletics, Osaka 2007

I had a good laugh when I read in the Yomiuri about American 400m runner Dee Dee Trotter and her "Test me- I'm clean!" white wristband. The reason I laughed is because the British bird who won the Women's 400 is under a cloud for having missed a couple of drugs tests and may well not be eligible to compete in next year's Olympics.

Nevertheless, having never been fond of drugs in sport, I rocked a white wristband when Adam and I went down to see Friday night's action at the Nagai Stadium.

We had a fairly packed evening with five finals to watch: Men's 400m and 110m hurdles, plus Women's 200m, javelin and triple jump.

The one I was looking forward to seeing most was the Women's 200m after having the seen the graceful Allyson Felix speeding round the track in the semi-final on telly the previous evening. I raised my wristband in ironic salute when Torri Edwards's name was announced over the tannoy.

Junkie Edwards actually gave me a bit of a scare with a powerful first half of the race, but Felix was just way too good down the home stretch: she buried everyone with a superb performance, whilst Edwards herself was barged unceremoniously off the podium by the muscular form of the enormous Sri Lankan she-male who came in third at the death.

She's Adam's by the way.


Ha! I'd forgotten how buffoonish the French sound.
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