Wednesday, September 05, 2007


10 years on

I was catching a train on the Osaka Loop Line last Saturday and, stumped for anything to read whilst I rubbed shoulders with Osaka's grimy weekenders, I mooched over to the news stand on the station and picked up a copy of The Japan Times Weekly.

This actually proved to be quite an entertaining read: most interesting was an article about how an agent was able to win the confidence of- and bring down- a notorious international butterfly smuggler.

That said, I did take umbrage at an article on the back page about how the Royal Family, in the decade since Princess Diana's death, have learnt lessons from the Princess's "savvy wooing of the media."

Savvy wooing of the media? Perhaps I'm being unreasonable here, but I think that when a group of people chase you at high speed into a concrete pillar, then take photos of the ensuing carnage, it's probably fair to say that you haven't exactly got them eating out of your hand.


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