Sunday, August 12, 2007


The veil of darkness lifts... a little...

Wednesday, and I was warming up to teach my compromised kid's class (the one with the listening device planted in it I mentioned in my post On the subject of paranoia.) The Yamaguchi family, my tormentors were sitting in the waiting area outside the classroom. I bade them a cheery "hello", then recoiled slightly as something small and winged buzzed its way past my face.

The mother stiffens.

Mosquito? She asks sharply.

Possibly. I respond. She clucks something about getting bitten to her younger daughter and pulls the Hello Kitty device out of her bag. I am astounded.

That thing's for catching mosquitoes?

She responds, somewhat frostily I feel, that it is. Perhaps she is displeased by my unfortunate habit of not conjugating my verbs politely. Perhaps she reads this page and is aware of my unworthy suspicions.

I stand agape. Then, almost unconsciously, my hand shoots out and clutches at the air. I open my fist slowly. The sad, crumpled insect in my palm eases my conscience. The kids aren't getting bitten on my watch. I'm sorry I doubted you guys, but one can't be too safe in these dark, dark days.


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