Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Dan fibs again

I couldn't stop myself: I honestly couldn't. I'd had a riotous night of revelry with comrades in Korien, woken up on Adam's sofa and I knew that I'd be in big trouble once the coffee wore off.

Warming up for a lesson on film criticism, I asked my student if she'd seen anything recently. She said that, yes, she had seen The Shawshank Redemption the previous week.

Wow, I said: I thought the ending of the director's cut was a bit depressing.

Eh? she said.

ME: Have you seen the director's cut?

SHE: No...

ME: Well, you know how they end up on the beach down in Mexico?

SHE: Yeah...

ME: In the director's cut, Morgan Freeman shanks Tim Robins and steals all the money that he ripped off from the prison.

SHE: Eeeehhh?!?!

My student was completely astounded by this whopper and once again I got that warm glowing feeling from knowing that I had, in a small way, made the world a more entertaining place.


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