Sunday, July 15, 2007


Worldnet 07 review

Worldnet, for those who don't know, is the annual football tournament for internet-based supporters groups that I've been attending every year since 1999 with SBA (Sky Blue Army) FC (link on the right-hand side.) From 2000 onwards, the tournament has been held at Leeds University's Bodington Hall. This year, there were 72 teams participating.

For the first time I was in the bizarre position of being the oldest guy in the squad with my 29 years of age. Whatever happened to that speedy 20-year old with the funny hair? Time flees...

Highlights of the weekend:

1. Stealing a refrigerator from the hall kitchen and setting it up in my room for the beer I'd brought with me.

2. Kieron Breen's injury. Apparently, he trod on a sea urchin a week or so ago.

3. Kieron's roommate Ady. Unable to play due to recent leg surgery, Ady cracked open his first beer at 0830 on Saturday (this after having been up late drinking in the McKeown bedroom bar the previous night.) He continued to drink throughout the day, throughout the night and woke me up at 0300 hours Sunday, hammering on the door next to my own, screaming "let me in Breen, you ****ing diabetic ****!" at the top of his lungs. Apparently, Breen had locked himself in the room to eat his chicken and chips without having them stolen, had passed out, and was dead to the world. This meant that the impressively-drunken-but-somehow-vertical Ady was locked out and not best pleased. When I opened my bedroom door at 0715, Ady was lying face down in the corridor, having apparently given up on his attempts to wake Breen the urchin-stomping fool. What a trooper.

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