Friday, July 27, 2007


Adapting the lesson

There's a new sheriff in town. On the occasions she shows up at my school she always acts like she's hot shit and talks like she's giving out advice/wisdom every time she's asked a simple question.

Power corrupts. Laughable power corrupts laughably.

Let's call her Tanuki: it's a decent phonetic resemblance to the code name that The Man In The High Castle and myself had already settled on for her, plus it takes into account her rotundity and hairy face.

The topic under discussion is how to adapt the example language from lesson D35: planning activities for visitors. I consider the example "They might like to eat out, so why don't we take them for Chinese?" or similar, then give it a Dan spin.

DAN: They might like to eat out... so let's take them to a brothel.

Everyone has a good laugh at this, including Tanuki. She can't, however, refrain from trying to give me a bit of her "I'm in charge here" attitude.

SHE: Do you think you could rephrase that, Dan?

ME: Hmmm... They might like to eat out... so let's take them to a whorehouse.

A definite warning light in her face

ME: Wait, I see where this is going: the more I rephrase myself, the deeper trouble I'm going to be in, right?

SHE: Last chance, Dan.

ME: They might like to eat the hookers out...

Staff comes in to tell the Tanuki that some other loser is actually waiting on the phone for her benevolent wisdom. She leaves the room. Dan collects high fives from all present. The bell rings and Dan's career stumbles exhaustedly back to its corner, content to wait for the seemingly-inevitable knockout to come in the next round.

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she's to do the man in the high castle's contract observation. i was thinking of becoming a house gaijin (spy for the field) but now i'm just thinking of flipping my wig in the staff room.--vmm
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