Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAA-AKE!!

Woke up on the boat with a raging headache, an injured hand and zero memory. It seemed we had arrived in Kyushu and Doris Day on the boat wanted us to disembark. One of them was bustling round our cabin. I greeted her with the sort of growl that you don't want to hear behind you suddenly when you're climbing a mountain.

"Daniel McKeown-sama, you don't have your wallet, do you?"

I checked.

"Actually, I don't even have my trousers."


We saw Aso and it was good, but Caesar had to bail back to blighty due to an attack of Liquid Snake and The Man in the High Castle was close behind, thus our quartet has been shrunk down to two.

Nico and I are now on a revised schedule- Sakurajima will have to wait for another time, but we've done pretty well thus far. We're starting in Fukuoka today and we're planning a leisurely tour home along the inland sea.

And now we'd best get cracking.

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Again, my sincere apologies for jumping ship.

Have a happy birthday and be careful with Nico if he's drinking shochu.--VMM
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