Monday, May 07, 2007


HS no Hamu-chan

Back in the classroom, Dan v 2.9, avec beard (that's right Dan fans- the beard is back!) Across the desk, all-gaijin-look-the-same high-school student ("your name is Sam.")

ME: Do you have any pets?

SHE: I had a hamster.

ME: Why do I get the feeling that this story has a bad ending?

SHE: Itachi- nan to iu no? What do I say?

I search the McKeown memory bank. Ah, there it is. Sure enough, the tale of HS's hamster has the requisite unhappy ending.

ME: Itachi... that would be a weasel, wouldn't it.

She checks her dictionary

SHE: Yes, weasel.

I decided not to pursue the details of how exactly HS lost her hamster to a weasel. My loss, perhaps.


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