Wednesday, April 18, 2007


STOP PRESS: the good times are finally here

I have come to the conclusion that YouTube is the greatest step forward in human development since I got back in the habit of using the word "pest" (props to Andy.)

For example, I have managed to track down footage of my all-time Saturday morning fave, Star Fleet!

For those pests among you who don't know regular Pepsi from diet Pepsi, Wikipedia has a pretty decent-length article on the show (click here). For my part, suffice it to say that the show was an integral part of my childhood and Shiro taught me right from wrong with the best of them.

Also, just like Ninjutsu and 80% of sexual perversion, the show originates in Japan.


Send a message out across the sky
Alien invaders just past gemini
Who will come and save us now
Who can defend us from their power

Starfleet, starfleet
Starfleet, starfleet

Tell the people back at Earth control
Send starfleet legions to save our souls
Always daring and courageous
Ooh-oooh, only they can save us...


learn to embed the youchube into your blog so the links don't dry up, dani.

*dani as in those pests that live in my tatami
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