Friday, April 20, 2007


Son of a...

TWO WEEKS OR SO AGO... Dan gets off the train at Shinkanaoka, walks up to the ticket gate and suddenly realises that he is lacking the one thing indispensable for participation in the afternoon's football game, namely his kit, which is still on the train and wending its way to goodness only knows where. Two pairs of boots and the Coventry City away shirt they failed to win a single game in: gone.

So, after numerous fruitless trips to lost property offices and police stations, I gave in and just bought myself another pair of football boots. Of course, the shop wouldn't do anything so crazy as to stock my gaijin-ass size, so I had to accept a 1cm discount on the 30 I generally favour.

As a direct result of this, the shiny new toenail I've had for all of two months and was my pride and joy is now the same purple as George Best's liver (the first one) and probably not long for this world.

Son of a gun.


You and Shipton must be "toe brothers"

Kiss Kiss,

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