Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Dare mo shiranai

Thirty eight and a half minutes into the forty, we have had a fairly enlightened discussion involving the proposal to build a commercial spaceport in New Mexico.

Then Student Y decides it's time to change the subject.

Student Y tells me that, by the way, she has been reading this book about London. She pauses for effect, then tells me that, according to her book, there are poor children living in London.

Having dropped this bombshell, she gives me a "what do you think of that?" look and waits for me to defend my country.

I point out, reasonably enough I think, that there are also poor children in Japan.

She corrects my erroneous gaijin folly and tells me that Japanese children are happy, or, rather, that they all enjoy financial security.


Upstairs, I announce to the rest of the school's teachers that Student Y has won my "Racist comment of the day" award, that she is "an oaf" (a word which I save for particularly special occasions), and that, on top of being unintelligent, she is also incapable of becoming intelligent.

I love this country; I just don't love the complacency. I think the rest of the teachers enjoyed my rant.


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