Wednesday, March 14, 2007


WMD (Weapons for Maiming Dan)

Adam and I devoted a lot of free time yesterday to constructing makeshift weapons from the odds and ends lying around the teachers' room.

Adam managed to come up with a pen barrel/ elastic band combo which could fire tooth picks pretty hard. I think I won the day with this though:

take cover!

You will require:

-a PET bottle
-a balloon
-pencil crayons

You will not require:


Saw the top part off the bottle with whatever's sharp and handy, attach the balloon so that the nozzle is clinging onto the part where the lid of the bottle would twist on, then push the rest of the balloon through, grab a crayon and hey presto- you have a home-made crossbow.

It was as good as I remembered. (I first saw one of these little beauties when Tim brought one home that he'd confiscated at school. I wonder what his students would have thought if they'd seen us firing biros off the wall and laughing like maniacs.) My workmates weren't as joyous as I'd hoped. I suspect they may have felt that I'd Gone Too Far again.

As if to prove this, this morning I fired a pencil into my own thumb so hard that it stuck. Blue on blue, we're so in jail dude.


It won't let me see the picture!

Email it to me would you mate?

PS. How good are the CCFC at the mo? Dowie may be my new very ugly hero.

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