Saturday, March 10, 2007


Alone in the dark

I have an announcement to make; one that is unlikely to make either of my surviving parents proud.

I, Daniel McKeown, nearly 29 years old, have had my electricity cut off.

"Why have you, Daniel McKeown, nearly 29 years old, had your electricity cut off?" I hear you cry.

Because, dear reader, I couldn't be bothered to pay the bill. Couldn't be bothered, even though it would only have required a two-minute walk to the convenience store, and I could have bought some orange juice while I was there to celebrate having paid said bill.

So, when I rolled in last night, the lights were off and they were staying off. Wouldn't you know it, they disconnected my electricity on a Friday, leaving me with a full weekend of reliving the dark ages before they start answering the phone again on Monday morning.

I am now reliant on what little daylight seeps into my room for reading, and the bathroom, being awkwardly situated, receives no light at all. As the gas company seems to be in cahoots with the electricity company there is no hot water, so I am not going to be spending much time in there anyway. I'm morbidly curious about how my shaving is going to go tomorrow.


I could lend you some of my electricity and gas if you want....
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