Monday, February 12, 2007


Tardy sprog

Rolled out of my blissful slumber (nightmare about working at a larger school) by the hideously cheesy tune my phone has as a ringtone.

News from blighty: I am now an uncle. Kate is now a mother, Mum and Dad are now grandparents, Joe is also an uncle and still a tosser, and Grandad still doesn't approve of BBC sports coverage. Plus, he is now great grandad (I always thought he was great anyway.)

The new addition's name is Kianna and, according to my mother, she's absolutely lovely.

The name Kianna gives rise to multiple possibilities for Japanese name kanji. More to follow on this subject.

Shout out to Kate: I gather the birth wasn't a walk in the park. Hope the conception was more fun!



Forgot to mention: apparently the tardy sprog has a superfluous digit on one hand.

This cheers me for two reasons:

1. Additional music potential: guitar chords I can only dream of.

2. First child in the class to master counting to eleven.

Good night!
Congratulations Big D, I thought that people might think that was your nickname and ridicule you. Admittedly probably just blown that one wide open.

Congratulations to you and indeed Kate, though comiserations to the sprog for having a balding uncle.

When are you next in the land of the top of the table Rams and managerless Sky BLues?
I'll be back when you learn to hyphenate properly, Reed Richards.

And the real answer is: probably some time in the summer.
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