Thursday, February 08, 2007


Owari to hajimari

I finally ditched the beard. It was wild and woolly, and it made me look a lot like my father in days of yore. I flaunted it amongst the glitterati and guttersnipes of Osaka. Then I decided to shave it off. It was a good project.



STUDENTS: Ehhh... you cut your... nantoka... hige-tte nan to iu no beard.

ME: What beard?

THEY: Last week you had beard...

ME: You what?! I've been on holiday for the last two months; I got back yesterday.

Responses to this are varied. Generally, they don't buy it. One or two have, though. These are the ones I will be targeting with my new pyramid scheme.


In every ending there lies a beginning: the disposal of the beard gave me a chance to make a clean break with any transgressions committed in my hirsute days and start life anew. Unfortunately, I have already been guilty of enough stupid behaviour in my shaven state to need yet another fresh start. I'm either going to have to shave something else or get a tattoo.


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