Monday, February 26, 2007


Crucial information

From my World Cup Haiku competition 2002, courtesy of Tiger Tim:

Oh scotland are shit
they, sweat and smell, they're unfit
They're not in Japan

Argentina poo
Argentina poo poo poo
Argentina poo

Irelands not for me
They are more like England B
Except Robbie Keane

It brought back a lot of memories going back to one of my oldest web pages (via 97 passwords and 6 zillion clicks, thanks for nothing, shitty yahoo cockmasters.)

Anyway, the point is this: I'm English for football, Irish for Rugby. Don't ask me why- perhaps it's a character flaw; part of my mid-nineties "plastic paddy" persona that never went away.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce the following rugby score:

Ireland 43 - 13 England

Take that you English bastards.


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