Tuesday, January 30, 2007


New game: much better than climbing in the luggage, which is for dreary tossers

Apart from the DVD bento, I have come up with a new game for playing on the train. Oh, and I'm sure it's going to be a winner.

When I was riding the train home tonight, I had a nasty feeling that the person next to me looked familiar in profile and I came to wondering if it might not be one of my students. I decided to get a good look at his face from the front when I disembarked. Not a student, as it turns out: perfect stranger.

Of course, the guy notices me looking so I give a kind of awkward half smile; his response is to pat his pocket, checking that I'm not smiling because I've just relieved him of his wallet. I laugh, call him a racist fuck, and get off the train.

I hereby call upon anyone else who fancies a laugh: eye contact and enigmatic smile when you're getting off the train. Point scored if the target checks their wallet.

Double points if, having seen where target keeps his wallet thanks to tell-tale pocket patting, you then manage to steal wallet.


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