Monday, December 18, 2006


I am a traitor to the cause

As a reward for our recent victory in the Awaji football tournament, my team were entitled to travel to Saitama to take part in the national tournament (for fat balding English teachers.)

I was considering this a mixed blessing: guaranteed horrible weather and an expensive weekend away, after my trip to Korea but before my next payday.

Combine this with the departure of Andy (the team's other literate player) and counting my blessings was becoming an advanced exercise in balance sheet manipulation.

Then came the good news, in an e-mail from team manager Tricky:

bad news!! 3 teams dropped out so they cancelled saitama!!!

I shot back with:

really? have you told Gamble or would you prefer I do it? and give me back my 5000 yen you thieving turkey


deadly serious. i told gamble 3 times but he wont believe me coz of the kenji incident.


well I don't believe you either, but I'll still have my money back

Never before has news of a football cancellation made me so happy. I can stop my ridiculous budget (gruel for dinner, even after getting paid) and concentrate on living life to the fullest again. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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