Sunday, December 31, 2006


Dog's breakfast

Sitting in Burger King in Busan Station, munching away on the double cheese burger, I became vaguely aware of some noise on the edge of hearing; slightly beyond the incomprehensible babble around me.

I paused in my mastication.

"Say, does anybody else hear yapping?"

My travelling comrades gave me an old-fashioned look, paused in their own chewing to listen, then began to look as puzzled as I was. As I had thought, almost drowned out by the hum of conversation at surrounding tables, the yapping of dogs could be faintly heard.

The Human Torch swallowed his mouthful of burger.

"Hell, I hope they're not slaughtering that shit on premises."

As his words sank in, so did my own eyes sink to the half-eaten burger in my hand.

In comic performance, I placed the burger daintily on the tray and busied myself cleaning my fingers with my napkin.

"Oh look," said Muzz, "here's a dog now."

Sure enough, a door at the back of the cafeteria had swung open, admitting a small and very excited white dog, which capered endearingly around the bemused BK patrons before a woman swept it up in her arms and carried it off.

I figured that there was a dog care facility adjacent to the food court for those who wanted a few minutes off from their pets while they were eating.

Feigning relief, I picked up my burger and resumed my chewing. It tasted good. Really good.

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