Sunday, December 31, 2006


2006: that was the year that was

There were tears of sadness and of happiness, hearts broken and promises likewise, but also new, stronger bonds of friendship forged in the fiery fires of adversity...

And here are some of my favourite pictures from the year. Enjoy!


A rather dirty-looking grave mound statue in Vietnam. Some kind of celebration of life, apparently.

Snowing again
Me not feeling much like celebrating life as I ride the shinkansen from Tokyo through the snowy wilderness of central Japan.

Mike dying a grisly death underwater in Kanazawa.

My first plaster cast. For my Dad's birthday I treated him to a one-handed guitar rendition of "Happy Birthday To You," delivered via mobile phone across a distance of several thousand miles.

Get in there!
Decisive SF penalty kick in the June Awaji football tournament. Pick it out!

With Grandma
Me and Dad with Grandma, now no longer with us.

At Murphy's with Andrew, as was often the case.

Comfortably my worst pull of 2006.

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