Wednesday, November 01, 2006


You know you've been in Japan too long when...

Via our e-mail correspondent

scene: 9.30am, i (a) is helping mr. shinji tanaka (s) with his airline class. i sit down in a group of 5 girls to practice english conversation. i have had better mornings.

a: hey haruka, how are you?
h: fine
a: (waits for not coming 'and you?') great, how was your weekend?
h: great
a: (ditto) what did you do?
h: i went shopping?
a: where did you go?
h: the supermarket
a: what did you buy?

h: food

a: (a moments thought) haruka, you are comfortably in my top 5 most boring people ive ever met. and that includes canadians.

s: mr. andrew, i want to speak to you outside now please.
a: (stands up) haruka, i go to the supermarket everyday love!

s: now andy.

yeah, another good day at the office!


Included in its original, unabridged form with thanks to Andy for making me laugh so hard I nearly widdled myself and with my heartfelt prayers that he has a better day at the office tomorrow.

A note to my Canadian readers: the author of this page wishes it to be known that he does not perceive Canadians to be boring; merely loud.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put on a tin helmet and pull the duvet over my head.

Canadian readerS?

I thought I was the only one!
Well you're not. But you're the one with the best name.
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