Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Silly buggers

The three snorkels broke the surface of the ocean, tiny specks far off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and at a steady clip skimmed towards the United States.

Six feet beneath the waves throbbed a vessel like no other, a 15-metre (49ft) long wood and fibreglass submarine carrying a fortune in cocaine and a crew with a mission improbable.

Taking turns to breathe through the PVC pipes jutting over the waves, the four smugglers were risking a vast expanse of sea, US and central American coastguard patrols, and the possibility their home-made U-boat would disintegrate.

Six feet under the ocean, a sub with snorkels - and cocaine worth £47m
The Guardian
Tuesday November 21, 2006


And I thought stuffing it up your backside was a poor strategy. Which it is.


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